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Vabljeni na letošnje drugo predavanje cikla Famnitovih izletov v matematično vesolje 2023/24.

Predavanje z naslovom "Matematika v ozadju igre Sudoku" bo izvedel Dr. Slobodan Filipovski, UP FAMNIT, UP IAM in UL FMF, v sredo, 20. marca 2024, ob 18.00, v Veliki predavalnici 3, UP FAMNIT in preko ZOOM povezave.


“Cikel poljudnih predavanj o matematiki in njeni vlogi v sodobnem svetu”

Königsberg: A Hidden Key to Graph Theory's Door


Sreda, 21. februar 2024, ob 18.00, Velika predavalnica 3, UP FAMNIT/ ZOOM povezava
Königsberg: A Hidden Key to Graph Theory's Door
Dr. Blas Fernandez, UP FAMNIT in UP IAM

Unnoticed within the pages of history rests the unfamiliar city of Königsberg. While modern maps may find it hard to precisely locate, one particular quirk in its geography has made it one of the most recognizable cities in mathematics. Right in the middle of this city, where the Pregel River flowed, lay two interconnected islands joined to the riverbanks by seven distinct bridges. Residents became captivated by a simple question: Could one traverse all Königsberg's bridges without retracing their steps? This innocent and curious question challenged the minds of mathematicians and forged the very essence of graph theory. Come with us as we discover the secret role that Königsberg had, unlocking the door to the amazing world where graph theory began. We will unravel the essential ideas behind graphs— visual representations of interconnected nodes —and dive into their wide applicability for solving all sorts of different problems.