Univerza na Primorskem Fakulteta za matematiko, naravoslovje in informacijske tehnologije


Vabljeni na letošnje drugo predavanje cikla Famnitovih izletov v matematično vesolje 2023/24.

Predavanje z naslovom "Discovering Hidden Order in the Chaos" bo izvedla Dr. Alejandra Ramos Rivera, UP in IMFM, v sredo, 24. april 2024, ob 18.00, v Veliki predavalnici 3, UP FAMNIT in preko ZOOM povezave.


“Cikel poljudnih predavanj o matematiki in njeni vlogi v sodobnem svetu”

Discovering Hidden Order in the Chaos


Sreda, 24. april 2024, ob 18.00, Velika predavalnica 3, UP FAMNIT/ ZOOM povezava
Discovering Hidden Order in the Chaos
Dr. Alejandra Ramos Rivera, UP in IMFM

Have you ever wondered if there is a method to what appears to be randomness? Join us on a journey into the fascinating world where order is created out of what appears to be chaos. During this talk, we will explore how patterns unexpectedly appear in seemingly unrelated things. From everyday situations to puzzles that baffle mathematicians, we will show the surprising cases where structure arises naturally. During this talk we will consider questions such as:  how large must the set of numbers, points or objects be in order to find a pattern? Can we always find a highly regular pattern? We will look at some examples and open problems in different areas of mathematics that people are interested in nowadays.